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Age Connects Wales

Age Connects Wales

age-connects-walesWho are we?

Age Connects Wales is made up of 6 independently constituted organisation whose areas of benefit are:

Age Connects Cardiff and the Vale (Age Concern Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan)

Age Connects Morgannwg (Age Concern Morgannwg (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Bridgend and Merthyr Tydfil)

Age Connects Torfaen (Age Concern Torfaen)

Age Concern North Wales Central (http://ageconnectsnwc.org/  Conwy and Denbighshire)

Age Concern North East Wales (Wrexham and Flintshire)

Age Connects Neath Port Talbot (http://acnpt.org.uk/)

www.ageconnectswales.org.uk Age Connects Wales exists to change attitudes to ageing and thereby improve people’s lives. This will be achieved by listening to the views of older people and using these to help shift society’s view of age, where older old is regarded as a stage in the life course as valuable as any other.

Through Age Connects Wales we are maintaining the tradition of our organizations to work together and we now intend to take a progressive step to work collaboratively with other organizations that share our priorities. This will help us to use all of the resources at our disposal to promote the wellbeing of older people in Wales.

We have created Age Connects Wales to maintain our ability to work collaboratively across Wales with those that share our purpose. Our Primary Objective is Campaigning and Influencing.

We are convinced that working together can significantly enhance our support for older people in the community. It is important to recognize that each of the five organizations maintains its independence and autonomy.

The ownership of ACW by the five member organizations provides the opportunity to move to a more comprehensive merging of operations, but that is for the future.


Campaigning and Influencing

With Welsh Government strategy and policy reaching down to and through local communities, it is important that the five companies maintain the local community nature of their activities and relationships with stakeholders. However it is recognize that as a consortium the five companies can have a much stronger potential influence in Wales than the individual companies can have on their own. There are two aspects to this:

Getting our voice heard

There is little doubt that ACW will have a significantly stronger voice than its individual components with a number of important bodies.

The Chief Executives of the five companies are convinced that getting their voice heard on its own represents a powerful drive in forming and operating ACW. We are aware of other organizations’ in Wales have formed joint pan Wales bodies to achieve wider recognition and influence with the National Assembly and other organisations’.

Income opportunities

In addition to providing a stronger voice for the members of Age Connects Wales and their constituents, the consortium will also create opportunities to generate income in a number of different ways. For example, by providing a more substantial negotiating position with other product and service providers.

ACW will be in a stronger position to spread the cost of developing, delivering and marketing professional development opportunities to a wider audience than each company could do alone.

With increased resources ACW could develop a suite of products that can be sold across Wales and the rest of the UK.

What will we do?

Age Connects Wales will:

  • Use the substantial amount of evidence and experience that the company have gained through its member groups and by  working more collaboratively than ever before.
  • Provide a strong voice to campaign for the      nationwide action that is needed to improve the lives of all older people in Wales
  • Be a beacon of best practice with our Code and Charter
  • Educate the public, providers of services and organisations around ageing and working with and for older people.
  • Offering training to people working with older people, regardless of what position they hold in an organisation or community, in relation to the issues of fairness, respect, equality, dignity and the promotion of autonomy
  • Campaign for improvements and changes in Welsh society so that older people are fully included in our communities.
  • Improve the standard of our own work and the work of others so that older people are treated with dignity and respect.

Age Connects Wales will establish a ‘Network’ of associated, interested third sector organisations that share our priorities – our “strategic partners”. The intention would be to draw on organisations’ experience to help us communicate the needs of the older people we have identified, develop process to inform all levels of Government in Wales and innovative, collaborations in response to unmet need.