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Our Change of Name

Our Change of Name

We changed our name in order to differentiate our Charity from the Age UK and Age Cymru charities.

People need to know that we are the local charity for older people and we must work hard over the coming years to emphasise we are a local charity serving older people, connecting people and communities.

The important message that we need to get across to people is that we are a well established charity with over 28 years experience of providing services for older people and any money raised for Age Connects Torfaen will remain in the local community. We believe we have a strong history and a bright future.

Will a name change affect donations and legacies?

Our donors give because they want to support our local services. Our staff and volunteers will be promoting our new name and our local PR and marketing will help us as we move to using the new name over time.

Legacies are long term and those people who have already thought about us will not be affected as we still hold the constitutional title Age Concern Torfaen.