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Our Voice

Those of us over 50 make up a fifth of the UK population. But do we in later life have a big enough say in the decisions that affect our lives? Make your voice heard by joining one of the local over 50's Forums or get involved with our Service User Panel. 

Torfaen Older Peoples’ Forums

Blaenavon Over 50s Forum                                                           

Meets every 1stTuesday of the month from 2-4pm, at Blaenavon Workmen’s Hall, High Street, Blaenavon NP4 9PT

Angela Lewis – Chair  01495 790940 angielewis2009@hotmail.co.uk

Vice Chair – Vacant

Secretary – Vacant

Treasurer: Avril Bartlett 01495 792244 avrilbartlett@hotmail.co.uk

Cwmbran 50+ Forum

Meets every 4thTuesday of the month from 2-4pm at Cwmbran Library NP44 1PL

Chair: Richard Guppy 01633 874918 richard.guppy@talktalk.net

Vice chair/Secretary: Walter Harris wharris78@ntlworld.com 

Treasurer: Maureen Guppy 01633 874918

Pontypool Senior Active Support (SAS) Forum

Meets every 2ndWednesday of the month from 1-3pm at Widdershins, East Avenue, Pontypool NP4 5AB

Chair: Carol Roach 01495 447522 carol_roach@sky.com

Vice chair:  Ann Dodson 01495 753789 dodson3@talktalk.net

Secretary: Ann Dodson 01495 762896 (Temporary post) 

Treasurer: Janet Welsh 01495 760168

The Dates for this years 2017 forum meetings are below:

2017 Dates


January 3                     Blaenavon

January 11                   Pontypool

January 24                   Cwmbran

July 4                           Blaenavon

July 12                         Pontypool

July 25                         Cwmbran

February 7                   Blaenavon

February 8                   Pontypool

February 28                 Cwmbran

August 1                      Blaenavon

August 9                      Pontypool

August 22                    Cwmbran

March 7                       Blaenavon

March 8                       Pontypool

March 28                     Cwmbran

September 5               Blaenavon

September 13             Pontypool

September 26             Cwmbran

April 4                          Blaenavon

April 12                        Pontypool

April 25                        Cwmbran

October 3                    Blaenavon

October 11                  Pontypool

October 24                  Cwmbran

May 2                          Blaenavon

May 10                        Pontypool

May 23                        Cwmbran

November 7                Blaenavon

November 8                Pontypool

November 28              Cwmbran

June 6                          Blaenavon

June 14                        Pontypool

June 27                        Cwmbran

December 5                Blaenavon

December 13              Pontypool