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Lonliness Campaign Age Connects Torfaen

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Lonliness in the elderly “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty” Mother Teresa

Imagine feeling all alone to face the uncertainties that old age often brings. Sadly there are far too many lonely and isolated older people in our communities these days. It can be a terrible and frightening experience to find yourself all alone, seeing no-one for days on end. Older people are particularly vulnerable to social isolation or loneliness owing to loss of friends and family, mobility or income. Many struggle to get out at all without support, or lose the confidence to meet new people, or even just make the trip to the shops.

“I never thought I could stay in this house for 24 hours, but I could stay in here for 3 days now and I won’t even open the door.”

Lonliness in elderly people campaignThis is where your local Age Connects charity can offer a lifeline. For decades we have been providing vital services and support to thousands of older people, such support services to help older people get out and about, get involved with local groups or even assist with a trip to the shops. We can even provide a volunteer to call round and have a cuppa and a chat if that’s what needed. Sometimes it’s enough just to know someone is going to be popping in to say hello.

We rely heavily on donations to be able to keep these essential services up and running. Please watch our video, share on social media and donate to help us tackle this problem face-on.

… “Feeling wanted… that’s what it’s about, knowing that you’re wanted!”